The jet-shaped helmet shell is equipped with a comfortable, soft inner padding, 3-point chinstrap with locking buckle and anti-strangulation system, a curved face shield and a 4-stud neck curtain. The integration of a bone microphone communication system is also possible. The helmet is resistant to damage and penetration from blunt and sharp objects, and protects against aggressive chemicals, as well as fire and flames. With the face mask 3S-H-A, the MO 5006  an be enhanced with an integrated mask-helmet protection system that meets international requirements. The helmet is available for head sizes from 51 to  4 cm in white, black and olive-green.

Accessories: protection cover, carrying bag, belt buckle.
Approvals: technical specification of the German Police, Motorcycle
Standard EN 22-03 for shock absorption, Mask-Helmet-Combination 3S/MO5006: prEN 137:2002 (flame engulfment),
EN 136:1998.
GA5006*X – MO 5006 with curved face-shield and 4-stud neckcurtain
GA5016*X -MO 5006 with curved face-shield with add-on anti-fog Pinlock and 4-stud neckcurtain


The MO 5011R is intended for riot control and law enforcement operations which may involve the risks of projectiles, gas, smoke, etc. The helmet can be fitted with a respiratory mask and is equipped with a curved face-shield. The polycarbonate shell is injection moulded. The cradle is comfortable and  djustable by means of self-gripping parts. The leather chinstrap has an antistrangulation system.

Two side holes on the shell make hearing easier and three back holes meanbetter ventilation. Sizes range from 52 cm to 62 cm (6 1/2 to 7 3/4). Three  colours are available: white, blue, black.

Performances: compliant to EN 397 (low shocks, penetration, flame, retention system strength), anti-scratch treated and high protection face-shield.
GA5011R-BA00- MO 5011R with anti-shock curved face-shield (4 mm), white
GA5011RIA00 – MO 5011R with anti-shock curved face-shield (4 mm), blue
GA5011R-NE00 – MO 5011R with anti-shock curved face-shield (4 mm), black