Naval Systems

We offers a wide range of ballistic protection solutions for naval systems, independently certified as effective against a wide range of current threats from small arms, Handguns, Rifles etc. 

We understands the challenge of integrating ballistic protection into all parts of a naval vessel, matching the complex contours of the vessel’s shape effectively utilizing all the available space. Such ballistic protection can be integrated during vessel construction or added later, depending upon the customer’s requirements. Alif is fully equipped for either approach. 

We offers complete project management for design, development, manufacturing and integration of armour protection solutions for different Naval systems including Military boats, Patrol Boats, Fast Interceptor Crafts, RIBs, Hovercrafts, Crew Boats, OPVs etc.

Areas considered for protection:

Wheel House
Engine Room
Command & Information Centers (CIC)
Ammunition Storage Compartments
Helicopter Hangars
Crew Resting Areas

Customized Panels & Pre-Engineered Kits:

Light weight armour solutions are of a specified weight and thickness with certain chemical and mechanical properties that are important for the specific applications and in-field requirements for which they are made. These panels supplement the basic hull of the system in order to achieve specified ballistic performance.Alif has extensive experience gained from providing armor solutions for more than 600+ Naval systems including :
Fast Patrol Boats
Fast Interceptor Boats
Mega Yachts

Threats & Standards Covered

We offer armor solution against almost all prevalent Ammunitions and Threat Standards :


Fragments from anti-ship missiles
Armour piercing rounds from aircraft cannon
Heavy Machine Guns
Small arms rounds
Explosive blasts