Electro Optic Devices

Never before was the role of electro-optics technology so pivotal in military and counter-terrorism operations, as it is today. Such critical security scenarios demand quick decisions and actions to be taken based on the available information. Electro-optic devices enable this by providing intelligence gathering, situational awareness and target acquisition that help security personnel take effective decisions at a moment’s notice. 

Electro-optic systems can be adopted for land, airborne and naval-based operations depending on the need. There are wide variety of electro-optic products available that includes Night Vision monocular, Night Vision Bi-oculars, Thermal Hand-held devices, Thermal weapon sight , II Weapon Sight and more. There are two types of electro-optic technologies that are primarily used by military and security personnel worldwide:


Image Intensifier technology uses intensifier tubes to amplify the available light to provide better visibility in low light to pitch dark conditions.


Thermal Imaging technology works on the concept of measuring difference in heat (temperature) and produces an electric image of object in question