Airborne Systems

We offers armour solutions for fixed wing and rotary aircrafts. We understands the value of safeguarding highly trained aircrews and guaranteeing mission accomplishment. 
It is a AS 9100 certified company and has a qualified team of technical professionals who design and develop lightweight armour solutions for aircrafts engaged in law and order duties, search & rescue, patrolling and interception missions. 
These solutions are designed by experts such that these can be integrated on the aircraft without modifying the existing platform in any way.
Our manufacture is amongst the few companies in the world with extensive experience in armouring airborne systems.

Areas Considered for Armour Protection are as follows:

  • Pilot Seat Protection
  • Floor Protection
  • Side Protection
  • Chin Bubble Protection
  • Gunner Port Protection
  • Other areas

Threats & Standards Covered

We offer armour solution against almost all prevalent Ammunitions and Threat Standards :


  • Small Handguns
  • Assault Rifles
  • Armour Piercing Ammunitions
  • Fragments
  • Heavy Machine Guns
  • Threat Standards